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Post  Shadow X on Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:31 pm

This is the market were you can buy weapons that are very rare. We will edit your fill and add them in the appropriate spot. You send the cash to Me Shadow X the Shop Keeper and ask for the Item you want. You pay me and in return I spend my money on tournaments and in game contests. giving the Winners(usually is the top 3 cash) this helps us keep this game active so we ask you instead of saying i pick up this weapon which you can do, spend your money even on common items. Thanks from =) Your Admin Shadow X


All food fills your characters hunger and help them survive.

Food Items
  • Potato Chips-1$

  • Candy Bar-2$

  • Can Beans-4$

  • H&B Chips-3$

  • Bottled Water-3$

  • Bottled Water(purified)-15$

  • Soda-2$

  • Cereal-12$

  • Bread-4$

  • Packaged Noodles-7$

  • Soda cans(6 pack)-12$

  • Soda Cans(12 pack)-24$

  • Orange Juice-18$

  • Packaged Meat-10$

Medical Supplies

All medical supplies are for medical purposes to heal people with

Medical Items

  • Titanium Pins(5)-32$

  • Bandages-15$

  • Beginner Medicare Package-45$

  • Steroids-55$

  • Sleeping Pills-35$

  • Weak Vaccine(diseases name)-25$

  • Moderate Vaccine(diseases name)-50$

  • Powerful Vaccine(diseases name)-100$

  • Grade S- Vaccine(diseases name)-250$

  • Weak Cure(diseases name)-100$

  • Moderate Cure (diseases name)-250$

  • Strong Cure (diseases name)-500$

  • Grade S Cure (diseases name)-1000$


Weapons is my favorite section, I don't think i need to explain this one. If you don't know of a weapon look it up on Wiki that is were I got my Info, we will be putting a page up that describes them later!

Weapon Supplies

  • Single-shot pistols-25$ Ammo-15$

  • Multi-barreled pistols-55$ Ammo-10$

  • Revolvers-250$ Ammo-25$

  • Lever action pistols-200$ Ammo-30$

  • Semi-automatic pistols-300$ Ammo-15$

  • Machine pistols-450$ Ammo-15$

  • Riot shotgun-500$ Ammo-10$

  • 12 Gauge Shotgun-350$ Ammo-25$

  • Semi-automatic shotgun-550$ Ammo-30$

  • Gas Operated Rifles-750$ Ammo-55

  • AK-47-800$ Ammo-50$

  • AR-15-2500$ Ammo-100$

  • M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper-1500$ Ammo-25$

  • Single Handed Sword(name type)-200$

  • Double Handed Sword(name type)-350$

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