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General and Offical Rules Empty General and Offical Rules

Post  Shadow X on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:19 pm

General Rules
1. Rules
No one is above them. Especially by the Staff and Admins. Rules can be broken by staff members in very rare special conditions. Everyone needs to obey these rules as they are the guidelines that keep role-playing fun. Play it nice, keep to the rules.

2. Harassment
a. Discrimination will not be tolerated in any way and is seen as a serious offense. Discrimination does not include refusing to RP with someone because you don't like them or the way they write. We're talking gender, race, etc,... here people.
b. Racism will not be tolerated and is also seen as a serious violation.
c. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated either and is a serious offense.
d. Flaming has to be kept to a minimum, try giving an educated argument instead of shouting vulgarity.
e. We suggest that you do not give personal info out that could be used as a tool for harrasment (stalking) numbers, adresses, etc....we can't really stop you...but it is just a suggestion for your own good.

3. Multiple accounts

a. Refrain from using multiple accounts, regardless of the reasons. One person should have one account in order for us to keep in check and everyone has the same limitation. If you and your sibling share a computer, an exception will be made. If you are caught with multiple accounts, one of the accounts will be deleted. If this is a reappearing issue harsher punishments will start to be used.
b. If you do have brothers and siblings p.m. me or the other moderators ahead of time and the user name you wish to use and await response.

4. Content
a. Do not post links to adult content (Pictures, movies or sites). To elaborate on the term 'adult Content'; Porn, hentai or any of that kind of content. These can be posted in our Adult board.
b. Refrain from advertising other sites in any other place than the Advertisement board.

5. Respect

a. In order to stop people from harassing other people you'll have to respect all the other individuals on the site. I'm not asking for you to hug and kiss everyone and be best friends with everyone, but you yourself can decide to tolerate another person. Might there be any issues, be sure to PM a staff member about it. Be sure not to be disrespectful to anyone however. Its ok not to show respect in character as long as u two are not taking it direct and when asked u stop.

b. If you find yourself having different views, belifes, and opinions than someone(that is how life goes) we ask you to follow the rules on repsect because starting fights over someones differences will disturb the peace Smile (I am not saying be a hippy.)
6. Language

a. Try to keep chat speak to a minimum. This board is based upon the English Language, and we expect English to be spoken. Some Japanese and other references and so forth is fine, but the general language preferred is Americanized English.
b.Swears are highly aloud and so is sexual comments to an extent. This forum is made for more mature users. If you do not like it just leave i don't care if you have an issue with this.
c.Constant swearing such as 'Fuck you' to someone though may be considered as Harassing so just because swearing is aloud watch your step all the same. However, if vulgar insults are merely used as jokes amongst friends, action against users will be negated.

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