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Might as well do one Empty Might as well do one

Post  Shadow X on Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:26 pm

Not that good but here it is

Threw the Darkness to you
Despite all these lies still i stand blinded by this light that never was. A fog had hit me in my sleep. A sleep that i never awoke. In my dreams of peace I fight on as the fool who never was and never would be. A light so far away that no man could reach. As I climb these stares I have only one enemy. On this last floor that has divided us the moon blinds the sun as our fight begins.
As our metal swords clash in this world that we split into two. My brother why do we fight? No answers come from you just hate that never had a source. Consumed by darknes
I fight you but am i really better as i accept these clouds of lies feed to me but what we call the light. Are they the same is a question only a specter can answer. No meaning comes of our fight just another plan set by the kings who use us as Pounds to fight over and over as we run in this world divided by the lies we all made. My dream for a day were everyone understands each other is just that a dream as your blade pierces my heart.
I should have seen it how we were on these to roads that were meant to clash. No i did see it but i wanted to believe that it wouldn't happen. There was a day were you were all i looked up to. You were my strength and hope. You gave me the love that kept me alive. Looking back it was all so clear but than i was a kid. Foolish and blind with this foolish dream that i worked for. But i am not ready to die here. Even if i die i will save you from this darkness no matter what the cost. So today i make my last stand and unite the darkness and light with my love and your hate. No longer shall i give up. I will make this story worth reading even if it must be done at the end.
Forcing my body and mind to this reality no longer do i have a care for human life. This is the end of who i once was for know i am a Specter that will watch this world after my death. As my last act as human i will set you free from this darkness that has blinded you. With no haste I rush into battle. This blackened sun that i use to worship is gone as i face the twisted moon by myself. No longer am i dependent on a god for today i become my god as i walk this lonely path. I keep pushing my body to its last calling. As you fall looking for mercy I see that there is only one way to save you. Today end who we were and who we will be for today you die and i walk away as the sun sets and the moon disappears.
There it is

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Might as well do one Empty :)

Post  retrophilia on Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:09 pm

very good

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