Game Stats (Me and Shadow X's Version)(incomplete)

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Game Stats (Me and Shadow X's Version)(incomplete) Empty Game Stats (Me and Shadow X's Version)(incomplete)

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Strength - Strength is a measure of your raw physical power your Character posses. It affects how much you can carry, and determines the effectiveness of all melee attacks.

Perception - A high perception grants a bonus to the Explosives, Lockpicking and Energy Weapons skills, and determines your accuracy, and awareness of were your enemies are.

Endurance - Endurance is a measure of your Character's overall physical fitness. A high Endurance gives bonuses to health, environmental resistances, and the Big Guns and Unarmed skills

Charisma - Having a high Charisma will improve people's disposition toward you, and give bonuses to both the Barter and Speech skills.

Intelligence - Intelligence is how smart your character is. Intelligence affects the Science, Repair and Medicine skills. The higher your intelligence, the more Skill Points you'll be able to distribute when you level up.

Agility - Agility affects your Small Guns and Sneak skills, and the number of AC your character has.

Luck - Raising your Luck will raise all of your skills a little. Having a high Luck will also improve your critical chance with all weapons. All stats are increased by .5 or a 1/2 of a point. Along with this, it increases your chances of a critical hit.

Note: All stats may only go up to 10!


Barter (Relation: Charisma) - The Barter skill affects the prices you get for buying and selling items. In general, the higher your Barter skill, the lower your prices on purchased items, and the higher they are sold for in Local Shops. This does not effect the World Wide Shop, but if a character has a 100 Barter they get 1/2 off Items in the World Wide Store. This Stat is Increased by 2 for every Skill Point placed in Charisma.

Speech (Relation: Charisma) - The Speech skill governs how much you can influence someone through dialogue, and gain access to challenges as you play with Npcs and PCs. For every level in Charisma will increase Speech by 2 points.

Energy Weapons (Relation: Perception) - The Energy Weapons skill determines your effectiveness with weapons such as the Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle, Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol. Each Skill Point in Perception will increase energy weapons by 2.

Explosives (Relation: Perception) - The Explosives skill determines the power of any set of mines, the ease of disarming any hostile mines, and the effectiveness of any thrown grenades, and other Explosives. Every Skill in Perception increases Explosives by 2 points.

Lockpick (Relation: Perception) - The Lockpick skill is used to open locks that you will find in the game. Depending on you skill level depends on what lock Difficulty you can Pick. Every Skill in Perception increases Lockpick by 2 points.

Medicine (Relation: Intelligence) - The Medicine skill determines how many Hit Points you'll replenish using a Stimpak, and the effectiveness of any drugs you use along with Medical Procedures that you do. Every Skill in Intelligence increases Medicine by 1 point.

Repair (Relation: Intelligence) - The Repair skill allows you to maintain any weapons and other Tools conditions. In addition, the higher your repair skill, the better the starting condition of any custom-made weapons will be. Every Skill in Intelligence increases Repair by 1 point.

Science (Relation: Intelligence) - The Science skill represents your combined scientific knowledge, and is primarily used to hack restricted computer terminals and work on computer systems. This also is used for building robots as well as the skill repair. Every Skill in Intelligence increases Science by 1 point.

Small Guns (Relation: Agility) - Small Guns determines your effectiveness with all conventional projectile weapons, such as the 10mm pistol, 9mm Pistol, Assault Rifle, and Combat Shotgun. Every Level in Agility will increase Small Guns by 2

Sneak (Relation: Agility) - The higher your Sneak skill, the easier it is to remain undetected, steal an item, or pick someone's pocket. Successfully attacking while undetected grants an automatic critical hit. Every Level in Agility will increase Sneak by 2.

Unarmed (Relation: Endurance) - The Unarmed skill is used for fighting without a weapon, or with the few weapons specifically designed for hand-to-hand combat, like Brass Knuckles or the Power Fist. For every Level to Endurance will increase Unarmed by 2 Stat Points.

Big Guns (Relation: Endurance) - The Big Guns skill determines your combat effectiveness with all over sized weapons such as the Fat Man, Little Man, Missile Launcher, Flamer, Minigun and Gatling Laser. For every Level to Endurance will increase Unarmed by 2 Stat Points.

Melee Weapons (Relation: Strength) - The Melee Weapons skill determines your effectiveness with any melee weapon, from the simple lead pipe all the way up to the high-tech Super Sledge, and Sword. For each skill point towards Strength Melee Weapons will increase by 5 points.

Level One Perks
Intense Training
Effects-Increase one Stat by 1 permanently
Requirements- 4 Int
Effects-Raises Science and Medical by 5 points
Requirements-4 Agility, 4 perception
Effects- Raises Lockpick and Sneak by 5 points
Requirements- 4 Charisma
Effects- Increases Barter and Speech by 5 points
Pro Hitter
Requires- 4 Strength, 4 perception
Effects- Increases Melee Weapons and Explosives by 5 points
Gun Nut
Intelligence 4, Agility 4
Effect- Repair and Small Guns are increased by 5 points
Swift Leaner
Requires- Intelligence 5
Effect- Increases amount of Exp earned by 10%
Limit- May only be learned 5 times
Level 2 Perks
Requires- Intelligence 5
Effect- When reading Skill Books you gain 1 extra skill point
Limit-May be learned twice
Martial Arts
Requires- 6 strength, 4 endurance
Effect- Increases Unarmed by 10 points
Requires- 4 Intelligence
Effect- Gives the user 3 extra skill points every time they level up
Limit- May only be learned once
Level 3 Perks


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