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This page is a page made up of several fractions. There are good guys and bad guys. Don't get me wrong yes zombies are ower main enemy in the game but there a other fractions that have formed or stayed together threw this chaos. There are people fighting to save us and there are people who still want to earn a decent buck, no matter what. Keep in mind the only fraction you can't be part of is the Zombie Fraction, other than that you can join any evil, neutral, or Heroic fraction!

Heroic Fractions

The Order of the Phoenix
A organization formed by the US in its last breath sending its politicians and army out side the boarders and save as many national leaders as they can. upon saving many leaders they got to gather at there capital base, Moon Eclipse that hovers high withing the air. There the president made a suggestion to form and unite all of the remaining government powers and form The Order of the Phoenix. With all the national leaders in agreement they retreated there solders and united at the base. After all the organization was complete they began to launch teams out after survives. Splitting there units into four groups. The Shield, The Sword, Special Ops, and The Research Department they began to set out and fighting the zombie hordes.
The Sword

A origination of the Phoenix Order that is sent out to fight the zombies head on and search for Survivors. They were the Basic Power Armor. Basic Power Armor is heavy and bulky, but keeps them safe from guns and zombies that try to bite them. The armor is not invincible and if the zombies hit in the right place they can break threw the armor. There weapons are usually low class laser weapons.
The Shield

This Fraction has everything the Sword does, however they have completely different jobs. Instead of fighting the zombies head on they are assined at protecting safe locations set up to keep citizens they saved safe. They guard other strongholds and even protect official leaders to get to the places they need to be at. They run all the defense operations and that is were they get the name Shield.
Special Ops

Elite teams of usually Four to Eight that are unnaturally talented at what they do. They do recon missions and search and destroy missions. They often are called upon to do suicide mission that would be impossible to a normal man. They are often kept at Crescent Moon, but are known to travel place to place. Teams are never separated unless there is only 1 or 2 left alive than they get placed in another team were there talents would helpful to.
Research and Development

This fraction does no fighting at all, however manages everything. They research ways to help combat the zombies and the look for ways to cure and destroy this plague at its roots. However they do much more, In fact they do a lot more. They manage food supplies and survivor counts. They keep a strong management over all the resources and help organize the Special Ops.

Neutral Fractions
Samurai Order of the Moon Cutters

Merchants of the Hawk
This is a local shop keeper group that struggles for survivors. They go the distance to travel out and search for supplies and sell them. They are made up of many people and are located all around the world, however they have lack of communication. They originally formed before the zombie invasion happened and set up bases around the world to ensure fair prices. When the zombie invasion happened they rallied up guns and searched for supplies. They know keep this going and try sell things to other survivors they meet. They only take in children however. Not much is to be said about this fraction except there pockets are bigger than there hearts.

Order of the Samurai
An ancient order that has been around for thousands of years. It has managed to remain in contact and has been working to restore the age of the Samaria. They believe that the sword is more effective know and that the Katana would be more effective. They believe since the sword never runs out of ammo it is far more efficient in these times. The order is made up of 5 Samurai designed to seek out troops.
These are the 5 great samurai
1.Samurai of 10,000 blossoms-
2.The Moon Cutter-
3.The Samurai of Death-
4.Cutter of the Crescent moons-
These five lead this group and there successors take on these five titles!

Evil Fractions
Zombie Forces
The army of the never ending undead. They rain with terror and fear as they cause destruction and fear! They spread there disease to every one of there victims. There growth is unbelievable as they are the main enemy. They are our overall enemies and must be defeated!
Zombie Types
Common Zombie- The normal and averaged zombie. They are slow stupid and easy to kill. They get there prey threw numbers. This is not what they plan but they flock to were the living are and chase after them like a Typical Zombie.
Tank Zombie-This Zombie is Very Large and Strong. They are about the size of a Mini Van and have Iron strong skin. There only Weak point is there there head. It is the same size as a normal head and is very fragile. Because of there over whelming size they must walk like and ape on all fours. There strength is strong enough to pick up cars, however there intelligence is less than a normal zombie, this holds back there potential and they do not use there overwhelming strength as they could. There typical attacks are just punches and bites.
Hunter Zombie- These Zombies have pure black skin and red eyes. Although there eye sight isn't all that well there hearing and smell is off the charts. They can hear up to 3 miles away and pick up everything moving. There sense of smell can smell orders miles away and they have the intelligence of a hunter and can use these to track down there prey. They have sharp claws that are slightly stronger than steel. There body is fragile and they are easy to kill, if you can hit them. They are incredibly fast however not as fast as a bullet.
Necro Zombies- These little pest can revive there fallen zombie friends. The send out a screech that can be heard a mile away. Any zombie within a half a mile will rise back up unless there head has been completely blown off, or there brain removed. This can only work 3 times, and doesn't work on other Necro Zombies. These Zombies are slow and weak. They are not that strong but have a high intelligence for a Zombie. They have the instincts of an animal, but they do know how to do more simple tasks like turning a door knob or picking something up. They do not have high enough intelligence to do something big like driving a car, but this evolution may become a deadly threat to the human race.
Vulture Zombies- These are Zombies that have grown wings. They look like an avian like zombie, but are in fact 100% mutated human. These zombies have wings that allow them to fly. They are very fast even on foot, but lack physical strength. They cannot do simple tasks like turning a door knob like the Necro Zombies, but can fly and this shows intelligence on another level. They have sharp claws on both there toes and fingers. They usually are found in packs of three.

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